Hello! I’m Anna!
I’m a big fan of Lolita-Fashion from Germany and want to share my passion for it here on my blog with everyone who is interested ♥

For the time I saw Lolita-Fashion at the bookfair in Frankfurt 2009. The beautiful, poofy dresses caught my attention and I felt in love immediatly!

2010 – My first “Lolita Dress”

After learning about Lolita-Fashion, I wanted to join as soon as possible! My parents didn’t liked the idea of Internetshopping at that time and so I ended up with rathert a gothic dress than a Lolita dress. It was way to short, had way to much and cheap lace. What a waste of money this Lacemonster was!

My second dress was way closer to an actuall Lolita-dress! I got the “Claudia in Wonderland” Jsk from Bodyline secondhand. Saw isn’t my color at all, but I was so happy about it anyway!
I worn it like a tur ita: black stockings, white ballet flats, a black blouse and of course without a petticoat. I’m so happy nobody took photos of this! 😀

2014 – New start

Discouraged by not beeing to able to make nice outfits with this I took a break from Lolita and found 2014 my interest in it again.

First I made my frist Taobao order and got myself a really nice Petticoat from Classical Puppets. With a proper Petticoat the Outfits looked already way better! I also got my first more expensive dress “Deers in the mist” by Longs ears sharp ears.

2015 – My first Brand dress

In Oktober 2015 I bought my first Brand dress, “Vampire Requiem” from Alice and the Pirates! It’s still one of my dream dresses!

Since 2016/2017 I’m wearing Lolita activly. And since 2018 me and my friend are organizing the meetups of our local community, Rose du Lin, in Bielefeld/Germany. We are really proud how much our community has grown in the last year! If you ever happen to be close by, you can always visit us!