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Dreamy tea time [1|2] – Angelic Pretty Pop-up-store

Almost one year ago I attended the Angelic Pretty Teaparty “Dreamy Tea Time” in Hamburg. Since there aren’t many tea parties this year, I wanted to share some memories.
Todays post is about the Angelic Pretty Pop-up-Store.
Part 2 will be up soon. There I’ll report about my experience at the teaparty on saturday.

The Angelic Pretty Pop-up-Store was in the café of the Harajuku Closet in Hamburg. It was open on thursday (19.09.) and friday (20.09).
It wasn’t allowed to take photos, so I have to use stockfootage in this post.

Angelic Pretty Pop-up-Store

The Harajuku Closet Hamburg and Angelic Pretty opened the doors to the Pop-up Store two days before the actual teaparty. We picked up our tickets and had plenty of time to browse and wonder all Ap had to offer.

AP brought many beautiful dresses for the shop, such as Misty Sky, Celestial, Magical Amulett and Holy Lantern. We also got a chance to buy the then recently in Japan released guardian unicorn series and special colorways of Holy Rosary.

Of course Vero and me used the chance to buy some dresses. She bought the Misty Sky op and I bought the red Holy Rosary Jsk.

The prices of the pop-up-store were the same as Angelic Pretty Paris.

If you were lucky, you could meet Rinrin here to chat or to take photos together. Sadly we missed her on friday. 🙁

The Harajuku Closet in Hamburg also sells Baby the stars shine bright and other lolita clothing. So after checking out the Pop-up-Store we went to the regular store. I was very lucky to find an Alice and the Pirates raincoat there!

If you were early enough in thursday, you got the chance to buy one of the very popular and really limited luckypacks. The “Odekake” packs were 80€ each and contained a dress, 2 OTKs or tights and 2 hair accesoires.

A very good friend managed to get one for Vero!
Her pack contained:

  • The starry girl one piece in Navy
  • Osumashi Doll Headband and Osumashi Doll Headbow, both in grey
  • The Socks from Un Birthday in grey and some lavender tights
    (which I can’t find on lolibrary)

Thank you Angelic Pretty and Harajuku Closet for this great opportunity to buy those beautiful dresses!

Next time I’ll tell you the story how I wore two Ap dresses at once to the Ap teaparty. It was awesome. Stay tuned!

Click here for Part two: Dreamy tea time – Teaparty [2|2]

Harajuku Closet Hamburg: Webseite and Shop | Instagram
Angelic Pretty: Website | Ap Paris

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