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Dreamy Tea time – Angelic Pretty Tea Party [2|2]

Last year I attended the Angelic Pretty Teaparty “Dreamy Tea Time” in Hamburg. Since there aren’t many tea parties this year, I wanted to share my memories of the Angelic Pretty tea party in Hamburg.
In part 1 you’ll find my post about the pop-up store.
Today’s post is about the actual event.

The Angelic Pretty Tea Party took place on the 21st of September 2019 in Hamburg. It started at 2:30 pm and ended at 6 pm.
The price of one ticket was 120€.

Angelic Pretty and special guests like Rinrin presented us with their winter collection for 2019/2020.

Together with my Best Friend Vero, I had lots of fun and a wonderful day. Kevin also joined the trip to Hamburg but not the tea party itself. Cause he said he was too cute for us :3


The event was held in the beautiful Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg. Angelic Pretty rented a wonderful and spacious ballroom, decorated with beautiful flower arrangements. We were seated on round tables together with eight people.

In front of the ballroom they set up the pop-up-store and you had the chance to shop again!

Angelic Pretty Fashionshow

In the fashion show, AP presented their winter collection from 2019/2020 and also their couture collection. They brought many beautiful dresses such as the dreamy symphony, the Christmas print dream bear, and the amazing couture version of Holy Rosary.

Rinrindoll opened the fashion show. The other models were guests of the tea party who applied to be a model. All of them looked fabulous.

Tea Time!

The most important thing after fashion: The food!
And I have to say, it was amazing! The starter was a fruity drink with marshmallows.

After that many delicious treats followed: Sandwiches, Scones and little cakes! Everyone found something to eat.
They also had a great choice for vegans, which is always very nice!.

eine drei Stöckige Angelic Pretty Torte mit rosa Fondante und einer großen Schleife verziert.

Let’s not forget this amazing Angelic Pretty cake! It was a delicious cake decorated with pink fondant and berries, so yummy! Unlike at other tea parties, the big cake was real and not only for photos. After the photo session, everyone got a piece!

Special guests

The special guest was the Model Rinrindoll and the AP designer Asuka.

After tea we were free to chat with Rinrin and take some selfies! Asuka was very nice too 🙂

Best Dressed

Asuka chose the “best dressed” at the end of the tea party.

Dreamy Kuri won first place with her fantastic Daydream Bed Coord! She won a lavender Milky bear.
Congratulations! You looked amazing! 🙂
The second place was a milky swan coord. She won an Angelic pretty tea set.

Dreamy Kuri in her amazing coord
photo by gibbit_pictures

My Coord

Actually, I planned to wear my red Celestial Op, but after buying the red Holy Rosary JSK, I had to wear it!

Sadly I didn’t bring a blouse with me to Hamburg so I had to get creative: So, I wore my Celestial Op under the JSK as a blouse! More Brand is more!

I’m actually still impressed with how well the reds of those two dresses matched and I’m quite happy about the resulting coord.

Op, Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Headpiece, Tights: Taobao
Wig: Lockshop

It looked so nice that I still haven’t found a better blouse for this jsk :D.


At the end of the tea party, we had a little raffle. I got lucky and won some red socks!

Every guest got a little goodie bag with a cute, little plate with the cat from dream cat go around.

I had a wonderful day in Hamburg, which I’ll never forget. Thank you to Angelic Pretty and the Harajukustore in Hamburg for making this possible!

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Harajuku Closet Hamburg: Webseite and Shop | Instagram
Angelic Pretty: Website | Ap Paris

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