Blogging in 2020

Why starting a blog in 2020?

Who would start a Blog in 2020?
Me! I do! I’m Anna and my biggest passion is Lolita-Fashion, a alternativ-fashion fron Japan.
After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decide to start a blog. I know I’m quite late to this trend, but besser late than never!

This Blog is about Lolita-Fashion, Meetups, Teapaties and Reviews. Have fun browsing and reading! ♥️ I try to write this in german and english, please keep in mind, english isn’t my mother tongue. Please forgive me grammar mistakes and misspellings.

You want to know more about my beginning in Lolita-fashion? Check here!

A big thank you to Kevin, who helped me alot with the Layout of this site♥️

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