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Coords: February 2020

I was quite busy with my exams in February, so I had only a few occasions to wear Lolita fashion. However I put a few cords together, which I want to show you today:

Pointiff Cross OP

OP: Pointiff Cross (ZJ Story)
Headpiece: Taobao
: Bodyline

This is the new dress I got in february which I already reviewed. I had to wear it immediately of course and put a simple coord together. I wore the op with a black headdress, black tights and black shoes. Its simple, but I love it. 😊

You want to see more details of this dress?
Check out my detailed review of it here!

Holy Lantern


Jsk: Holy Lantern Zipper Jsk (Angelic Pretty)
Bat Rhapsody (Lady Sloth)
Necklace: gravelvetart
Shoes: Bodyline

I wore my Holy Lantern Jsk for the Epiccon 2020. I paired it with my rhapsody blouse from Lady Sloth. The bat pattern from the blouse matches the print so nicely!
My black Henrietta bonnet, black shoes and black tights completed the look. Simple but comfy: Perfect for a convention day!

You want to know more about Epiccon?
Epiccon 2020 of a Lolita point of view

Time of the Roses


Jsk: Time of the Roses (Alice and the Pirates)
Baby the stars shine bright
Bow vom Kleid
Ribbon Heart Bag (Baby stars shine bright)

I tried to coord my time of the roses Jsk by Aatp for my coms valentine’s meetup. I really need to wear this beauty more often.
I ended up with a black classic-sweet coord. I corded it with a black blouse, my heart bag and plateau shoes. Together with a cute pair of tights and the bow of the dress as a head bow. I also added a belt so it wouldn’t look so empty.
I couldn’t attend the meetup because of a sudden emergency but I wanted to include this coord here anyway 😊

I hope to have more occasions to wear Lolita-Fashion in March.
There are two meetups planned and I also plan to go to the bring and buy in Köln.
I’m already really excited!

Thank you for reading <3

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