Epiccon 2020

Epiccon 2020, from a Lolita point of view

Epiccon is a small convention in Münster/Germany. In two halls you can see japanese popculture and gaming! They also offer a divers showprogramm and interisting guests.
But does it also appeal to Lolitas and fans of Lolita fashion?

Delicious japanese Crepes with fruits and cheesecake!

Delicious Japanese crepes: whether sweet or salty, they are so delicious !

Artist Alley: Loliable jewelry and artworks!

At Epiccon you can find a great artist alley with many smaller arstist. Luckily we could find Lolitable jewelry and Artwork on a few of the booths. I finally found a perfect matching necklace for my Holy Lantern Jsk! The cross just matches perfectly, no?

Together with my boyfriend I also got a few artworks, mostly to decorate the empty walls in our kitchen.
I also got this amazing Lolita artwork with a flamingo. I love flamingos and her drawing is so cute. I need a flamingo Print now!

Lolita Fashionshow

Just as last year I joined the Lolita fashionshow! It was lots of fun! We were 11 Models and could represent a broad spectrum of the Fashion. We had Sweet, Gothic and even Sailor and Wa-Lolita!

We had our rehearsal at 1pm. After that we could use the remaining time till the fashionshow to relax, get ready and (of course) take photos behind the main stage. 😊

Me, Candy.Carnival and Phantomhivesdoll

Its always a lot of fun for me to present Lolita-Fashion in a Fashion show and encourage other girls to try it themself! At the end of the fashionshow was a little Q&A and after the audience warmed up we got a few questions, which we are always happy to answere!
So next time, please ask your questions!

Kevin and me at Epiccon

Fashionshow Coord:

Jsk: Holy Lantern, Zipper Jsk, Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Bat Rhapsody, Lady Sloth
Bonnet: Henrietta (Taobao)
Bag: Candelabra Bag, Moi-même-Moitié
Shoes: Bodyline

Kevin and me met last year at Epiccon so it was very special to me to go this year togehter ❤


This year was my second Epiccon and compared to last year, this year had a larger attendance. Sadly we spotted less Lolitas.

The reason for this is probably the lacking programm for Lolitas. Even the Lolita Fashionshow gathered more to other convention visitiors than Lolitas, since most of them were on stage.

I wish the organizer will change the programm a little and the conventions appeals more towards Lolitas in the future. I can’t really recomment it sadly for Lolitas who aren’t also interested in Animes, Gaming or Cosplay. 🙁

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