Planning a new wardrobe

It’s no secret that I’m quite unhappy with my current Lolita Wardrobe. I envy my best friend Vero. Her wardrobe is so well coordinated! It makes coording so easy! I want that too!

My current wardrobe just doesn’t spark joy anymore. I need to change this! I want to start all over again and want to build a new lolita wardrobe. I won’t do the same mistakes again and buy everything I like, just to end up with a non matching wardrobe. This time I want to start with a plan.

Today I want to share how I made that plan and how the end result looks like!

Step 1: What do I actually want?

What do I want?
How do I want to be seen by others?
What do I think is beautiful and admire on others?

Corona gave me enough time to think about these questions. Now I finally now what I want:
I want my wardrobe to be elegant, with a touch of vintage/retro. Also chic, classy and feminine.
I want it to fit nicely to my body, so I will pay more attention on the fit and cut, too.

Step 2: Looking for the basis

With these point in mind i browsed through my wishlist. A few dresses on it already fullfilled the new criteria.

Prints like Fantastic Dolly, Cinema Doll and Princess Cat (all Angelic Pretty) match the new theme perfectly! These three dresses will be a perfect base for my new wardrobe!

Step 3: Creating a color sheme

I want to avoid hapharzadly colored clothes. It seems constricting at first but opens up a lot of possibilities to mix and match. So I created a color sheme.
I decided on 2 accent colors: light pink and red. And 2 neutral colors: Ivory/off-white and black.

I choosed Red, light Pink, Ivory and Black for the new color sheme.

Red is my happy color. Not only in Lolita, but also in my normal clothes a lot of red can be found. So I had to include red!
To be honest, I don’t own much light Pink. But I want to change this. Light pink is a really cute and feminine color. I also love the combination of light pink and black.
To add another light color I chose ivory/off-white. White doesn’t suit my skintone so it’s warmer cousin is perfect.
Of course black can’t be missing. Black is such a elegant color! It may not be the best option for my skintone but I don’t care.

In the future I maybe add either grey or navy, but I’m not sure about it quite yet!

Step 4: Buildung a Wardrobe

Next I browsed though Lolibrary and saved everything that fitted into my color and style sheme. I also added items from my current wardrobe that fits the new style already.

Its not complete but its enough for a basic wardrobe!

Starting new!

I’m very pleased with the result.
Not everything matches perfectly, but its waaa~y better than my current wardrobe. It will probably take a while to collect everything and it’s maybe impossible to find everything but that’s okay!

Since I finally know where I want my wardrobe to be, its so much easier to build it up! I can also avoid those impulse buys and declutter everything that wont fit anymore. More on decluttering will be coming soon!

Stay healthy!

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