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Ruffles and History

Earlier this month my Lolita community Rose du lin had a little meetup in Detmold, a city close by. In the local museum, we got a nice insight into the history of our region.

This museum has a lot to offer! Next to natural history and art you can find a big exhibition about local history. This exhibition has a huge collection of antique furniture and everyday items. The most interesting part of the exhibition for us Lolitas was the collection of local traditional clothing. The oldest item is over 400 years old! And it was in great condition for its age! It was a dress of the little countess Katharina zur Lippe, who died at the young age of 6 years.

Sadly, I can’t show you any photos, but on the website of the museum, you can take a look at it!

After the museum we had a nice walk through the castle park where we also made some nice photos 😊 Together with Candy.Carnival I twinned the Antique Victorian Doll Op from Henrietta. I wore it with golden shoes and beige UTKs.

OP and Bonnet: Henrietta
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Gloves: Ebay

We also visited our favorite café in Detmold, because every meetup needs cake!
Not only the interior is amazing but the cakes are also very good! Here we had delicious waffles with cherries, cakes and tea.

It was a small and relaxing meetup, and we could welcome a new Lolita to our comm. It was great <3

I’m really looking forward to the end of the corona crisis. I can’t wait to meet my lovelies from Rose du lin again.
Hopefully its soon!
Stay healthy everyone ❀

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