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~Wardrobe Post 2021~

Creating a Wardrobe post in January is an old tradition in the lolita community!
This year I participated, and to be honest, January isn’t the best time to do this in Europe since the light is bad. But I did my best!

So here it is My Wardrobe as of the beginning of January 2021.
We all know that there will be something new soon.


One Pieces

Celestial Special OP Set

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyCelestialRed2014

Fantastic Dolly OP

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyFantastic DollyBlack2010

Organdy Frill OP

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Innocent WorldOrgandy FrillBlack2016

Retro Dot OP

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyRetro DotBlue2017

Snow Dot Chiffon OP

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightSnow Dot ChiffonBlack2014

The Pointiff Cross OP

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
ZJ StoryThe Pointiff CrossPurple2019

Victorian Doll Short Version OP

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
HenriettaVicotrian DollGreen2018


Christmas Twilight JSK and cape

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Magic Tea PartyChristmas Twilightred

Deers in the Mist JSK I

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Long Ears Sharp EarsDeers in the MistNavy2014

Ghost Night Bride JSK

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyGhost Night BrideRed2018

Holy Lantern Zipper JSK

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyHoly Lantern MTOGreen2018

Holy Rosary JSK 2019

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyHoly RosaryRed2019

Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK II

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Alice and the PiratesMerry Making
in the Ghost Town

Milky-Chan the Fawn Applique JSK

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyMilky-Chan the Fawn AppliqueBlack2009

Princess Cat Tiered JSK

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Angelic PrettyPrincess CatPink2016

Silent Lilith LingXi

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
LingXiSilent Lilithred2018

Stardust Jewel JSK I

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Long Ears Sharp EarsStardust JewelBlack-Brown2015

The portrait of the lover

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
InfantaThe portrait of the loverPeacock Blue

The Rose Grove short version jsk and cape

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
HenriettaThe Rose GroveBlack

The Sacred Academy of Alexandria
Deep Neckline JSK

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Neo-LudwigThe Sacred
Academy of Alexandria

Time of the Roses JSK II

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Alice and the PiratesTime of the RosesBlack2011

Vampire Requiem short JSK

BrandPrint/NameColorRelease year
Alice and the PiratesVampire RequiemBlack2009 or 2011


Chocoberry Skirt
Bodyline [2011]

Pleather Skirt

Teal Underskirt

Black Underskirt
Lady Sloth

Red Underskirt
Lady Sloth

Black Underskirt
Handmade by my friends ❤


Blouses, Cutsews & Cardigans

Chiffon Blouse
Alice and the Pirates [2013]

Macherie Blouse
Baby, the stars shine bright [2011]

High Collar Chiffon Blouse
Baby, the stars shine bright

Princess sleeve Blouse
Boguta Lolita

Bat Rhapsody Blouse (Short sleeves)
Lady Sloth [2018]

Bat Rhampsody Blouse (Long sleeves)
Lady Sloth [2018]

Pride and Prejudice Blouse
Schneideren R [2019]

Cinema Doll Cutsew
Angelic Pretty [2012]

Fairy Cross Cutsew
Angelic Pretty [2019]

Proper Girl Tulle Cutsew
Angelic Pretty [2016]

Black Offbrand cardigan with pearls

Offbrand Strawberry Cardigan


I mostly own Bodyline and Offbrand shoes.
Since my feet are quite big, brand shoes sadly don’t fit me 🙁





Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Classical Puppets


Offbrand (Neosense)


Hair Accessory & Headwear


Most of my head bows are from Ap.
The red head bow is from the Celestial special set and comes with a detachable veil.


I really like berets, so I got offbrand ones in red black and teal.
I also have the Cinema Doll Beret from Angelic Pretty in ivory.


Thank you to my model, who helped me with worn photos! 😀

Innocent World
Rose Race Ribbon Hat

Pink&white straw hat

Neo Ludwig
Wool hat

decorated by me

Vintage hat

I also own a very nice witch hat made by a friend from my comm!

I sadly forgot to take a photo.


Both Bonnets are from Henrietta
I got them with the matching dresses, the black one is very versatile and can be coorded with many dresses!

Other Headpieces

The purple flower cornw is made by my friend Candy.Carnival 🙂


Candelabra Two-way Bag

The Moitié bag is my favorite and most worn bag. It just fits so much, even a bottle of water! Because of the simple design it’s very versatile.

Princess Quilted Bag
Angelic Pretty

Ribbon Heart Bag
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright


Fake Fur Jacket

Offbrand Velvet Coat

Aatp Rain Coat and Umbrella

2020 in review:

Mainpieces only

What I bought in 2020
  • Angelic Pretty – Fantastic Doll OP
  • Angelic Pretty – Milky-Chan Applique JSK
  • Angelic Pretty – Princess Cat Jsk
  • ZJ Sotry – The Pointiff Cross OP
What found a new home in 2020:
  • Surface Spell – Alpine Rose Set
  • Angelic Pretty – Dramatic Rose Op in Pink
  • Axes Femme – flower jsk
  • Bodyline – Wonderland jsk
  • Infanta – Snow White Op

Thank you very much for reading!

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